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M5 Tolls

There are two toll classes on the M5

Class 2
$4.40 - Three axle vehicles under 2.0 metres in height or two axle vehicles under 2.8 metres in height

Class 4
$9.30 - all other vehicles

Tolls include GST and all increases are linked to the Consumer Price Index.

The M5 main toll plaza is at Hammondville. Plazas are also located on the east facing on and off-ramps at Fairford Road, River Road and Henry Lawson Drive. Click here for detailed maps of the M5 South West Motorway.

All plazas are under constant video surveillance. Motorists are reminded not to cross the unbroken white line separating lanes at the main toll plaza.

Toll Payment Options
There are easy ways for you to pay the toll on the M5 Southwest Motorway.

  1. Pay single M5 toll
    Click here to pay a once off trip on the M5 South West Motorway.

  2. Electronic Toll Tag (E-way Tag)
    For ease and convenience, you can use an electronic toll tag at all toll locations on the M5 South West Motorway.

    This tag will also allow you to drive on all toll roads in Australia.

    E-way is the preferred tag issuer of the M5 South West Motorway. To open an E-way account, click here

  3. Visitor e-Passes
    The M5 Southwest Motorway accepts visitor e-Passes from Roam, Roam Express and RMS.

    Roam Express is the M5’s preferred pass issuer. For information on how to get an e-pass click here

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