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What people mostly ask us about the M5

Availability of Electronic Tolling across Sydney and Australia wide

Q: Is electronic tolling available on any other toll road in Sydney?

A: Yes. As well as the M5 South West, your E-way tag can be used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, M2 Motorway, Cross City Tunnel, Lane Cove Tunnel and Westlink M7.

Q: Can I use my E-way tag in other states?
A: Yes you can. It can be used in Queensland on the Gateway and Logan Motorways and in Victoria on the Melbourne Citylink.

Toll Plaza and Ramps Information

Q: Why don't you open the east facing ramps at Belmore Road?

A: Interlink Roads would require greater interest from customers than our surveys currently reveal, for these ramps to be economically viable.

If you would like to express your interest in opening east facing ramps at Belmore Road, please send us an email via the Contact page.

Q: Why don't you widen the M5 to three lanes each way?
Provision was made during construction to allow for widening of the road to three lanes in each direction for the full length of the motorway. Current peak traffic levels are around 3,800 vehicles per hour. The capacity of a two-lane carriageway is approximately 4,100 vehicles per hour. At the appropriate time, and subject to fulfilment of all environmental concerns, we expect to be granted approval to widen the road.

M5 Cashback
Q: What is M5 Cashback?
A: The NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) M5 Cashback plan is a NSW government initiative that allows motorists on the M5 to receive a refund of all tolls they pay on these roads, less GST. To be eligible, your vehicle must be privately registered in NSW.

Q: Are E-way customers eligible for the Roads and Maritime Services' (RMS) M5 Cashback Plan?
A: E-way customers are entitled to a refund of their tolls for all but the M5 Cashback GST component for private trips on the M5 motorway.

Q: How does the M5 Cashback plan work?
A: In order to take advantage of the M5 Cashback plan you must open an account with us and register with the RMS for M5 Cashback (on form we provide). Once you open your account we will send you a quarterly statement listing all trips made on the M5 Motorway. You will also receive with your quarterly statement a M5 Cashback claim form that requires your signature. You must delete any trips which were for business purposes. The statement and completed claim form are then sent to the RMS for processing. You will then receive a rebate for all but the GST component of the M5 toll.

Q: What is a pass?
A: A pass is just another way of electronically paying your toll on the M5. You register your vehicle’s details with the pass issuer and provide them with your payment details.

Q: How can I get a pass?
A: Click here or phone 13 76 26.

Q: How much does a pass cost?
A: This is set by individual pass issuers. Click here or phone 13 76 26.

Q: How long does it take to get a pass? How long can I use the pass for?
A: This is set by individual pass issuers. Click here or phone 13 76 26.

Q: Which passes are accepted on the M5?
A: The M5 accepts passes issued by Roam Express and the RMS.

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