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The M5

Opened in August 1992, the M5 is a high-speed transit corridor spanning 22 km of Sydney's south west from Prestons to Beverly Hills.

Built on Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) land, the entire motorway (excluding the the Georges River west bridges) is operated and developed by Interlink under a lease that expires in 2023.

Several major roads including, the F5 Freeway, the M5 East Freeway and the Westlink M7, connect to the M5 but are not managed by Interlink. For information on these roads, please click here for the RTA's website.

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Environmental Reports
The report provides a complete analysis of the environmental impacts of the M5 and also looks at noise pollution, storm water run offs and reduced accidents.

To download the full report as a pdf, click here.
Download the executive summary as a pdf, click here.
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